Agro input services

Birya United Agencies Ltd provides the farmers with Agro input services such as improved seed varieties, soil testing services, trainings in Good Agronomic Practices (GMPs) and sale of Problad Bio fungicide. The biochemical fungicide, PROBLAD™, is manufactured as an end-use product. PROBLAD™ contains 20% of the active ingredient, BLAD (pure active ingredient). The product is registered as a new biofungicide for the control and suppression of several fungal diseases in various crops and ornamentals. It delays the development of resistance, without chemical residues.

PROBLAD™ fungicide separates itself from all other fungicides and has no known cross-resistance to any fungicide class, making it the optimum resistance management partner. Trials have shown PROBLAD™ is strong enough to replace a synthetic fungicide in your current spray program. Its powerful performance and extraordinary mode of action not only create a resistance management champion, adding PROBLAD™ fungicide to your rotation can help extend the life of your current fungicides.
Labelled Diseases include Powdery mildew, Botrytis, Anthracnose, White Mould, Fire Blight, Coffee Leaf Rust, Coffee Berry Disease.
The company has invested in a fully equipped in an Agronomy department with experienced staff to extend services to the farmers across the districts. The company also has a 35-acre demonstration farm in Isingiro that serves as a learning centre for farmers and traders. The centre has an established Satellite store equipped with basic postharvest handling equipment to provide immediate storage services for farmers and as an immediate evacuation centre for the harvested crops for better quality management.

Warehousing and Machinery

The company has a combined storage capacity of 10,000MT in bagged and bulk storage in Mbarara and satellite collection stores in Isingiro, Kanungu, Mbale and Kapeeka. The main Warehouse and factory complex in Mbarara is fitted with a 16MT per Hour mechanical Dryer and a complete Grain Cleaning and grading line comprising of a pre-cleaner, 10MT per Hour Destoner, 10MT per hour Gravity Separator, Color-Sorter and polisher to ensure that all customer quality needs are met.

Milling Operations

Birya United Agencies Ltd currently has an installed milling capacity of 75MT of maize flour per day producing the premium milled Nishati Maize flour. The milling equipment is equipped with inbuilt destoners, cleaner, and magnet separators to ensure food safety. Each of the machinery is installed to allow for in-process sampling and checks to reinforce our Food Safety Efforts. The milling plant has experienced staff to deliver the best maize flour brand “Nishati” to the Market. The company currently exports her Maize flour products to the Democratic Republic of Congo and sells to other institutional buyers.

Quality Assurance and Management Systems

The company has invested in Quality Assurance and Management Systems (QAMS) and implements a Food Safety Policy that binds each of our staff to ensure only safe and nutritious food products are delivered to our customers. All our Products are Certified by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS). We believe it is our moral mandate to feed the population with clean, safe and nutritious food free from any form of contamination. The company has a fully stocked laboratory for quality analysis, implements a Food Fraud Plan, HACCP Plan, Pest Control and Management Plan and continuously trains her staff to ensure they cope up with the trends in Food Safety for the benefits of all our consumers. The company’s commitments to quality assurance are further enshrined in the Food Handling Code of Practice that guides our day-to-day operations.